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Developing and Nurturing New Talent in the current Financial Climate

See where the advertising industry is heading from a director’s point of view

Date & Time: 7 December 2022, 12:00pm

Venue: Room D

Moderator: Steve Davies - Chief Executive, APA


Molly Burdett - Director, Spindle 

Bethan Seller - Director,  Rogue 

Theo James Krekis - Screenwriter/Director, Knucklehead 

Nicolee Tsin - Writer/Filmmaker, Kode

What does it mean to be a newly signed director in the current climate? We will hear first-hand from our latest talent on what their expectations are of being signed to a production company in terms of being nurtured and developed, what challenges they are currently facing between tight budgets vs. creativity and where they see the industry heading from a director’s point of view. 


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