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Filmmakers for ukraine and screenskills

              Ukrainian Professionals Crossing the Bridge to the UK Screen Industries

Date & Time: 7 December 2022, 10:40 am

Speakers: Nicky Ball- Head of HETV Mid-Career Progression, ScreenSkills

Diana Olifirova- Cinematographer

Olga Kozhema- Filmmaker

Phillip Covell- CEO & Consultant, Film & TV Founder

Zoe Mello- Production Executive, Roughcut Television

Moderator: Venia Vergou- Crew United Greece

Filmmakers for Ukraine and ScreenSkills are collaborating to provide much-needed guidance for Ukrainian screen professionals in the UK on extended stay permission. In most cases, minor specific training will make these professionals valuable assets to the UK workforce, particularly to High-End TV productions. 

This presentation will also be essential for Ukrainian screen professionals and all those hiring crews in the UK.     

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