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Gaming, the new media channel in association with the ADVERTISING ASSOCiation

New era of socially fuelled creativity that redefines how consumers connect with brands, build community and entertain

Date & Time: 7 December 2022, 4:00pm

Venue: Room C

Speaker: Nick Lewis - Head of Social & Content Strategy, VCCP

Gaming is not trending and it’s not the next big thing; it’s massive and has been so for the last decade. There’s a wealth of creative opportunities in gaming. The British consumer is spending more on games than movies and music, they’re out-gaming every other European nation, and they’re spending hours in populated virtual spaces that brands can tap into. Hear from Nick Lewis, Head of Social & Content Strategy at VCCP on how this new era of socially fuelled creativity is redefining how consumers connect with brands, build community and entertain. 


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