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Global post-production: The allure of the UK as a world-class hub for post & VFX  

Changing landscape of the UK’s post-production and VFX industry

Date & Time: 6 December 2022, 3:00pm

Venue: Room D

Moderator: Neil Hatton - CEO, UK Screen Alliance


Nigel Bennett - CEO, Molinare/Co-founder & Chairman, Pip Studios

Chris Burn - Global SVP Production Operations, MPC

Rachael Penfold - Director/EP, One Of Us

The UK’s post-production and VFX industry bounced back quickly from the dark days of the pandemic. But the landscape has changed. Remote working makes cross-border collaboration easier although not without its issues, and a round of mergers, acquisitions and de-mergers in the sector have bought new investment to the sector and the emergence of new global post-production players in London. This session will look at the allure of the UK as a world-class centre of excellence for post and VFX and how it can maintain and grow its leading position through challenging times. 

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