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The Role of the Showrunner

An overview of current Showrunning styles in Europe and the US

Date & Time: 7 December 2022, 10:30am

Venue: Room D

Moderator: Dominic Schreiber - Drama Consultant/Executive Producer 


Willem Bosch - Showrunner/Creator/Screenwriter, Pupkin

Pedro Lopes - General Content Director, SP Televisão & Spi/Screenwriter

Sumerah Srivastav Writer/Producer

Katrina Wood - CEO/Founder, MediaXchange 

Sydney Gallonde - CEO/Executive Producer, Make It Happen Studio 

The intimate round table will focus on comparing the business practices of Showrunners across the Atlantic. With the increasing flow of US showrunners to Europe and the more level playing field for transferring working processes and techniques, we will compare the field so people can easily apply the best options back home. A group of various speakers from countries including Netherlands, France, Portugal and the UK will provide an overview of differing showrunning styles currently applied. 


Please note this session is a closed roundtable and will not be filmed for On Demand viewing.


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