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Mud, Sweat and Tides
- The Essex Serpent Location Management Case Study

Challenges of shooting the Essex Serpent between the Tides

Date & Time: 6 December 2022, 11.30am. 

Venue: Room D


Harriet Lawrence - Supervising Location Manager

Jonjo Stickland - Company Director, Marine Dept

Matt Cambridge - Marine Coordinator and Dive Supervisor, Marine Dept 

A masterclass in bringing the bestselling novel The Essex Serpent to the screen. The land and seascape where the story is set, is raw, elemental, and a character of the story. It was important to capture this fragile world on film, atmospheric, bleak but ever shifting beautiful estuary saltmarsh in all its tidal glory and show how strangely bewitching the hinterland was for Cora. Shooting beyond the seawall certainly was not easy, but a careful collaboration between the location team, and the Marine Dept made it possible to achieve the creative vision, shooting for more than 2 months around the estuaries of Essex, while keeping the crew safe. 


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