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Web3: Decentralising the Creator Economy 

Hear from creators, founders and builders deeply immersed in the community

Date & Time: 6 December 2022, 11:30am

Venue: Room B

Moderator: Angel Leung - Curator


Omotayo Oakwood - Musician/Co-founder, The Outsider Collective/Strategy Lead, Loser Club

Naomi Ray - Art Director, Studiopixie

Lauren Ingram - Founder, Women of Web3

Web 3.0 has given us a picture of a new decentralised economic system, where technologies such as NFTs offer creators the potential for greater ownership of their work, and even royalties from future sales. In this session, we will talk about the opportunities that blockchain offers to creators, and how web3 and the wider metaverse might help give creators, studios, and brands alternative ways to monetise and how it is different from the traditional industries. This session is designed to give those who may not have had the chance to connect with the web3 space an opportunity to hear from creators, founders and builders deeply immersed in the community. 


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